It is undeniable that the websites of government agencies as well as corporate websites should establish sufficient protection against distortion and destruction of all available information or simply block the access to it. In order to eliminate such illegal actions, it is necessary to constantly analyze the invulnerability of websites and coordinate the use of security methods. Website penetration testing (pentest) is a comprehensive system approach to the detection of incorrect or corrupted code of the resource. It also includes scanning for vulnerabilities in the server software which can be used for the intrusion and hacking.

The significance of the penetration test for business

  • objective security risk analysis. Pentest provides an actual assessment of security, which is determined by what exactly you can lose.
  • significant reduction of security risks as well as possible damage from incidents. Detailed recommendations based on the results of the site pentest are not a
  • typical set of “generally accepted practices” with vague priorities, but a clear plan to eliminate detected vulnerabilities of a certain system.
  • special training of your employees and analysis of their actual readiness for unexpected incidents.
  • compliance with regulatory norms, standards, and modern information security requirements.

What does the hacker pay attention to when looking for “a victim”?

  • demand for the site and its popularity;
  • high logins rate to the internet resource;
  • the simplicity of the web-resource for a financially profitable, and at the same time instant hacking or attack.

The reason to breach the website:

  • infection, as well as rapid penetration of computer viruses;
  • unauthorized access to the web-resource and illegal acquisition of confidential information about potential customers;
  • theft and other unlawful enrichment;
  • forcible introduction of “black” SEO optimization mechanisms;
  • obtainment of private confidential information;
  • aggrieving a direct competitor;
  • computer hacking to assign a web-resource;
  • hostility, provocative acts, cri
  • inal activities.

Website security analysis: initial steps

First of all, qualified employees of Roundsec will identify minor elementary vulnerabilities of the site without interfering in its mechanism. After that we will analyze the possibility of the further use of the site without drastic reconstruction, which will definitely entail considerable unforeseen expenses.

Penetration testing method of an Internet resource

Our specialists perform the pentest of the website using the protection mechanisms or overriding security. During this operation, the infrastructure on which the resource is running will be tested.

As part of this, both well-known and less common attack techniques will be used, including manual professional verification of the source code.

Upon agreement with the client, the site’s pentest can be carried out using the “black box” method (the availability of an Internet resource address) and the “white box” method (when there is a possibility of the administrator’s access to the site server). It is also possible to conduct a pentest of a resource using the “gray box” method. It is a combined, more comprehensive option (when the client provides his own account on the site).

When testing the web-resource, we use a set of diverse scanning tools and also some unique developments of an experienced Roundsec team.

Site security assessment based on the results of testing

The main task of the security diagnostic procedure lies in assessing the invulnerability of a website. The assessment analyses the characteristics of “vulnerable sectors”, their quantity, the level of threats in a certain area, and the possibility of future effective use of system elements without any investment in their improvement or development.

This assessment process uses the vulnerability typology listed in a special threat rating.

Report on the results of the site’s vulnerability checking

The report specifies information about the diagnosed “problem areas” of the site, the possibility of their future operation, undesirable consequences and way of eliminating them.

Advantages of Roundsec

  • Roundsec company conducts a pentest of sites without disrupting the functioning of its information structure;
  • We specialize in modern methods of checking the information invulnerability of an organization;
  • The experts of the Roundsec company fully possess the skills of IT audits and computer forensic examination.

Taking into account the above points, Roundsec company implements a well-balanced and relevant method of conducting a website pentest, which helps to improve the information security of your organization.

Roundsec guarantees:

  • competence and efficiency of the staff;
  • security of the Internet resource after the detection and elimination of security vulnerabilities;
  • detailed valid recommendations that are relevant to the actual level of threats;
  • the security of confidential information and the protection of absolutely all data obtained during the penetration testing process.

Do you still have any questions or maybe you are in need of preliminary professional consultation?

Contact the experts of the Roundsec company, and they will tell you all the details firsthand.

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