A comprehensive assessment of vulnerabilities on websites (web applications, mobile apps), performed with the help of the penetration method, allows detecting threats in time and reducing the number of economic and reputational risks for your company.

Specialists of Roundsec will carry out a comprehensive analysis of the information systems security, simulating hacker attacks in conditions that are maximally close to reality. The main goal of the pentest is to identify all possible vulnerabilities of the customer's resources before a real hacking incident occurs.

Based on the results of pentesting, we will provide a detailed report with a complete list of the detected vulnerabilities and specific recommendations for their elimination.

Расследование инцидентов Информационной Безопасности (ИБ)
business lines

Pentest of websites and applications

Finance, banks,
Retail, e-commerce
IT, telecom
Game development
Health care
Real estate
work goals

The main targets of penetration testing:

Assessment of the possibility of hacking and data theft
Vulnerability scanning
Forecast of economic losses caused by a successful attack
Taking into account the results of the pentest, we develop a set of measures to block possible attacks

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