An infrastructure audit allows to assess the current security of the information system functioning, evaluate and predict risks, manage their impact on the company's business processes. It enables to correctly and reasonably approach the process of ensuring the security of the company's information assets, strategic development plans, marketing programs, financial and accounting policy analyses, and the contents of corporate databases.

As a result, a carefully performed assessment of the information security system allows you to get the best value of the funds invested in creating and maintaining the company's security system.


Investigation of information security incidents (connected with the compromising of the integrity of information systems, effects of malware, unauthorised access, or data leakage as a result of intentional or accidental actions of the personnel and other factors) lead to sufficient direct financial losses, the decline of loyalty of clients, partners, regulating authorities.

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Information security risk assessment is an independent audit of the current state of the company's information system that determines the level of its compliance with specific security criteria.

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At your request, the experts of Roundsec will carefully assess the security of your cloud data storage and detect vulnerabilities of its soft and hardware. After analysing the testing results, we provide a client with a report, containing all possible attack scenarios together with the recommendations on their prevention.

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Penetration testing conducted by the Roundsec Company will help you detect drawbacks in the operation of the internal services and settings of security tools, increase the level of employees’ awareness, and the resistance of the system to social engineering attacks.

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DoS testing will help identify the maximum loading capacity of the system and estimate the efficiency of the protection features. Having implemented all our recommendations on eliminating the security drawbacks, you will increase the resistance of your system to DoS attacks and prevent denial of service.

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