Information security risk assessment is an independent audit of the current state of the company's information system that determines the level of its compliance with specific security criteria.

A comprehensive security analysis allows you to get the most complete and objective evaluation of the security level of your information systems, isolate existing problems and develop an effective structure for building an organization's IS system.

Performing an information security assessment is a necessary measure for any company that strives for development and prosperous business activities. These companies use corporate networks, have their own website, operate Internet payment technologies, collect and process personal data, etc. this procedure is recommended for the vast majority of companies and organizations.

business lines

Information Security Risk Assessment is helpful for:

Finance, banks,
Retail, e-commerce
IT, telecom
Game development
Health care
Real estate
Work goals

Why you need Information Security Risk Assessment:

Analysis of the risks associated with the possible security threats against resources of information system;
Assessment of the current level of security of information systems;
Evaluation of the compliance of the information system with the existing standards in the field of IS;
Development of recommendations for the introduction of new information security mechanisms.

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