Social engineering is focused on employees who have valuable information and are poorly informed about information security issues. Attackers use emails, chats, and phone calls. They pretend to be employees of government agencies, financial organizations, law enforcement agencies, etc. As a result, an attacker, using the peculiarities of human psychology, gets unauthorized access to secure information.

To prevent this, you need to implement reliable authorization methods and special confirmation procedures for people requesting access to certain information. In addition, the practice of using only complex passwords should be introduced. It is necessary to strengthen the security of databases and instruct employees on how to behave on social media.

For testing purposes, Roundsec experts send messages through various communication channels, make phone calls and even perform provocations with unverified data storage devices. Such a thorough analysis of the results allows us to develop effective recommendations for enhancing the company's information security system.

business lines

Social Engineering Penetration Testing is helpful for:

Finance, banks,
Retail, e-commerce
IT, telecom
Game development
Health care
Real estate

Objects of testing:

The level of awareness of employees in the workplace
Information about the company and its employees in publicly available sources
Technical security tools (mail filters, antivirus tools, firewall policies)
Analysis of Physical Access Control System protocols (PACS)

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