Modern web applications are a mechanism with a complex architecture, which contains certain vulnerabilities that can be used by attackers. Hackers can take advantage of relatively simple vulnerabilities to access sensitive materials and information. Despite the fact that traditional wide-spread technologies and the network security management mechanism turn out to be the main indicator of IS management, they are not able to protect, prevent or warn about the numerous attacks typical for web applications. It is extremely important for the company to make sure that its web apps are not predisposed to common types of intrusions.

The actual experience shows that the company is obliged to perform testing of web applications in addition to a systematic audit of the information security of its structure, in order to ensure the safety of its sensitive data and not to endanger the organization’s infrastructure.

Mobile app penetration testing

Nowadays mobile phones are an integral part of our lives. Overall, mobile security tasks are mostly expressed in the storage of personal data. A cell phone, literally, knows everything about its owner. It stores a large amount of secret data: photos, videos, notes, the original voice, payment data, the history of his location and a lot of other information. Therefore, mobile applications need invulnerability just as much as “full-fledged” web applications. The pentest of apps allows you to determine whether there is a possibility of unauthorized malicious access to information. Even though there are some similarities, mobile operating systems are fundamentally different and, therefore, need other approaches to provide complete protection. Despite the relative novelty of this area of information security (pentest of mobile applications), certain methodological procedures and sets of rules have already been developed, along with special software tools.

Apps penetration testing tasks

  • make a list of vulnerabilities that may be used by a hacker, and test the possibility of carrying out attacks;
  • develop ways to prevent identified vulnerabilities.

What we will do

Having ordered the application pentest service in the Roundsec company by our highly qualified experts, the following list of works will be performed:

  • collection of necessary information and preliminary qualitative assessment  (we use various available sources of information, identify the content of the infrastructure and build a scheme of possible unauthorized intrusions);
  • configuration check (we check the network infrastructure, both physical and virtual hosting, logging process in search of problem sectors);
  • testing the authentication process (we assess the password component, check the correctness of its usage. We also analyze where and in what form the information about accounts is stored. We select possible usernames and passwords);
  • checking of the authorization mechanism (defining user tasks, recommendations for differentiating access, trying to increase access privileges);
  • testing the session management mechanism (we check the cookie zone, and existing vulnerabilities);
  • assessment of other methods of shared access (determining whether in the web application access control mechanisms are used or not);
  • testing the security level of the transport layer (we check the invulnerability of the client-server cooperation protocols);
  • testing the degree of processing of the translated data (we conduct fuzzing of the parameters translated by the customer and test the returned data of the servers);
  • checking the security mechanisms of the client side (we check not only how, but also on which mechanisms the security of the client side is developed and also we analyze the security level)
  • testing the application logic (we determine the business logic of the application functioning and vectors of possible attacks);

The entire list of the work performed depends on the initial information and tasks for the pentest.

Penetration testing will allow you to detect various vulnerabilities in applications that cannot be found with the help of other methods. Pen-test with the checking for the probability of the occurrence of the main business risks of the organization as a result of cyber attacks will allow you to build up the security of your company in the most effective way. It is advisable to analyze in practice how all the actual protective measures work, therefore, it is important to conduct penetration testing on a regular basis, in order to identify and eliminate new vectors of intrusion into the system. While performing a penetration testing, your applications are really exposed to a real hacker intrusion, but without any negative consequences.

Roundsec’s professional pentesters will help you to identify and fix all your vulnerabilities, so that your personal data remains secure. To order the service, please call +7 (495) 128 38 71.

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