Over the last years, common information security measures cannot guarantee full protection of the company’s information, its IT systems, services, networks, and network perimeter. Obviously, after the introduction of security methods, most likely, there still will be vulnerabilities in the information infrastructure of the organization, which later can create conditions for malicious actions, leading to possible incidents in the information security system. Moreover, over time, new vulnerabilities that were not previously identified may arise. It should be noted that information security incidents can negatively affect the functioning and operation of the whole company. And as a result of such insufficient level of the structure preparation that aims to respond to information security incidents, the attacked organization may suffer significant financial and material damage.

Consequently, it is vital for organizations that are aware of the importance of information security to apply a comprehensive and regular approach to the following aspects:

  • detection and reporting of information security incidents, providing their expert assessment;
  • responding to information security threats, including activation of the necessary additional protective mechanisms to prevent or reduce consequences, as well as to recover from hacker attacks;
  • gaining experience from dealing with information security incidents, introduction of preventative protective algorithms, and improvement of a consistent approach to the management of security incidents.

What is the Roundsec information security incident response team about?

Roundsec company specializes in providing information security to organizations. We will help You to prevent losses in time and also to lessen emerging risks with minimal efforts and resources.

The Roundsec company information security incident response team is an independent permanent group of qualified experts, whose tasks include constant monitoring of information about the emergence of vulnerabilities in the sphere of information security, their classification and neutralization. Members of the information security incident response team are involved in reducing the amount of harsh effects – material expenses, financial losses, and mental anguish, along with the damage to the organization’s reputation caused by information security incidents.

The field of activity and authority of the information security incident response team

The areas of responsibilities of the Roundsec information security incident response team are divided into several areas, namely:

1. Real-time actions that are directly related to the main task, that is responding to threats. These include classification of incidents, response coordination, and also problem resolution (technical support, problem eradication, system recovery).

2. Preventive actions that perform a supporting part and are not carried out in real time. These actions include:

  • reporting of data;
  • provision of security features;
  • education and training of personnel;
  • evaluation of products;
  • assessment of the organization’s security level;
  • consulting services.

Thus, the aim of the information security incident response team of the Roundsec company is to provide a prompt response to potentially new threats to information security, and to inform managers of organization about them.

Methods of work of specialists of the information security incident response team

It should be mentioned that the information security incident response team itself, as well as the developed methods and approaches that determine its activities, form the basis of the entire information security mechanism.

In their work, our information security incident response team professionals are guided by the international and national standards in the field of cybersecurity, along with their own methodology for assessment of information security systems, developed on the base of extensive experience in projects implementation for various organizations.

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